Company kinderpuppets
Telephone ☎ +82-70-8847-6270
Fax ☎ +82-303-0959-6270
Address KINDERPUPPETS, 97-8, Gatbau-gil Socho-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do
Selling Category [K_040109180000] Other Skin Care
Company Introduction

Kinder Puppets
is a brand new baby cosmetics brand launched on August 26, 2016,
after ten months of research under the slogan of 'Our child's natural healing solution'.
In the first year of launching, we achieved the accomplishment of selling all the early
products in two months. Kinder Puppets is a compound word of kinder which means
child and puppets which means doll in German. Kinder Puppets has the meaning that
it will be a brand that will always be together like a friendly doll to children or to
parents that are raising children.
Why is Kinder Puppets special?
* It has a transparent container that allows you to easily check remaining capacity and
  foreign matter can be easily detected when entered.
* It can be used safely since it uses only green grade ingredients of EWG whole ingredients.
* This is the first brand that declared the amount of natural ingredients in Korea.
  (contains 98.5% or more of natural ingredients)
* You can use the product more safely by setting the "opened date" space where you can
  write down the opening date of the product by hand in the back of the product.
Kinder Puppets is always the only company to always research in Korea on baby oil
using 100% organic ingredients to whole ingredients, baby cream called
"Mozzarella Cream" that has thick texture, and Korea's first rash mist "Easy Hip Mist".